Saturday, December 27, 2014

Build Health 2015 Discounts

Thank you for being part of my community. I look forward to sharing the things I am doing and learning with you. For subscribers to my blogs, my intention is to be a bit more consistent with sending information than I have in the past. But I will not overwhelm your Inbox with daily or weekly posts.


New Website

I have a beautiful new website, which I built completely on my own. It provides basic information about the services that I offer in a way that I hope you find attractive.  Soon I will redesign my first website, (If you are considering setting up a website, Squarespace makes it SO easy. Any feedback you have about the site is welcomed at

Build Health 2015 Discounts

I am offering discounts! In support of your health-building journey, these discounts will remain in effect through February 2015.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition consultation services are offered at a 15% discount.

Human Design readings and family coaching are discounted 15%.

Massage and Bodywork sessions are discounted $10 per session. This is limited to one session per client.

Massage and bodywork obviously require in-person appointments. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Human Design sessions are available in person or by telephone or Skype.

Discounts apply to gift certificates purchased for these services. (Discounts also apply to advance payments for future services, within reasonable limits.)


If you wish to subscribe to my occasional messages, I Welcome You! Including this blog, I have a total of three, including Food, Glorious Food and Breathe - Life's Inspirations with Sandra, please send me an e-mail at Coming soon for me is learning how to automate subscriptions with MailChimp.

Have a Wonderful 2015!
Celebrate Your Health Building Journey.

It is a pleasure serving and supporting you.
Sandra Lee
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Licensed Massage Practitioner (WA State)

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