Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Different Perspective on Gratitude

Recent circumstances have led me to feel immense gratitude. Then I started receiving everyone else's messages about gratitude and thanks giving. Evidently, I was tapping into what was already in the field.

Every day, I am profoundly grateful for all of the wonderful things in life, for opportunities, for health, for family and friends, and so much more. However, at times day to day circumstances don't go as well as I would like. Then I appreciate the opportunity to learn and to grow that is being presented. For me, these are pretty normal reasons for being thankful.

This past week brought opportunities that go deeper, where the experience of gratitude was less readily accessible. I really had to do some intense mental and emotional work.

A Difficult Situation

A customer of mine was extremely dissatisfied, because her needs were not being met. Unfortunately, many of the circumstances involved were absolutely out of my control.

Providing good customer service is a high priority for me. I was unable to easily make the situation all better, and I thought about it obsessively. As her upset escalated, so did mine. Upon realizing this, I intentionally switched my own thoughts and feelings to a positive track, and I sent her love, calmness, and peacefulness.

A Opportunity for Healing

I had been over reacting. So I asked, "Why does this upset me so much?"

In my world, keeping people happy is critical. Essentially, making everything 'all better' has been a lifelong survival mechanism. I was freaking out, because someone was upset with me, and I couldn't 'fix it'.

I have been looking back at my lifetime memories of being out of control, not able to take care of people, not able to fix things, and not able to keep people happy. And I have been doing Healing Codes for myself associated with these issues.

I never know when circumstances will arise that bring up old stuff, tossing me into the middle of old emotions.

What an opportunity this is!! And THIS is what I am grateful for.

Thanks for the Pain -- and for German New Medicine and The Healing Codes

A few mornings ago, I got out of bed and felt sharp, stabbing pains in my upper back. Every move of my head or shoulders was agony. Everything had been fine an hour earlier.

Since learning about the German New Medicine (GNM), I have looked for the emotional roots underlying dis-ease symptoms. GNM considers health challenges as part of the body's natural process of healing from traumatic events.

"What had I been doing or thinking before the pain began?" I realized that this was significant. I had decided against doing something that I wanted to do.

How does this fit from the perspective of GNM? Muscles relate to conflicts of being stuck or trapped, being unable to take action, or being unable to hold on to something. Now that makes sense! This is really just a continuation of emotional issues that have been with me for a very long time. When looked at as my body's healing process of resolving these old conflicts, the pain makes sense.

I reviewed my related memories, then did The Healing Codes. Now I have experienced a deeper layer of resolving these issues than I have in the past. And the pain is gone.

What an opportunity this is!! I am grateful for having a body and emotional system that so immediately show me where healing is needed. And for the ability that my body and emotional system have to heal themselves. What a stupendous amazing miracle!

I appreciate the German New Medicine, and Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer for this way of understanding health. I appreciate The Healing Codes, and Dr. Alex Lloyd for his ongoing work (with God) with this powerful self-healing method. I appreciate myself, for being aware and for doing what it takes to heal myself.

If you want more information about German New Medicine, go to my Aug 2007 posting, and about The Healing Codes, go to the Nov 2007 posting.

Apply This Approach to YOUR Life

When situations get difficult, you can try this sort of approach. Even without understanding of German New Medicine and The Healing Codes, you may be able to leave behind upset feelings and move forward.

The following questions may be a useful place to start. Really, any question that enables to you look more deeply into the roots of your reactions and feelings can be helpful.

"Why does this upset me so much?"
"What was I doing or thinking before this started?"
"How was I feeling?"
"What was happening?"

If you would like me to do some work with you using German New Medicine or The Healing Codes, please feel free to contact me.

Be Grateful for Whatever Life Brings

It's ALL a miracle, and a manifestation of love in the universe.

Life is an Amazing Miracle. Here's to Celebration and Gratitude!


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's Faith Got to do With It?

In considering what to write for October's newsletter, the only topics I come up with relate to the current political and economic crises. Recently, that's pretty much all that is coming at us from the surrounding world. Fortunately, I won't add to the onslaught.

So, how can I discuss what is going on in the world without writing about it directly? This morning, I decided to share my personal approach to dealing with what is happening. Faith. I hope that you will find this a positive and hopeful light for the future.

What's FAITH Got to do With It?

Faith is a significant facet of my approach to dealing with life in general. Much of what life brings to me (and I imagine to you) is stressful, particularly now. Faith helps me keep on going, whatever happens.

A Bit of Context

The word 'faith' frequently carries religious associations. I'm not particularly religious, though I certainly am spiritual in how I think and feel about life. As I speak about faith, I think those of you who are religious (in a more conventional way) may find yourself in agreement with me, though potentially in a more religious context.

In whatever way that you, personally use or don't use the word God, I encourage you to find a way to receive my writing about faith in a way that serves you.

In years past, I never used the word 'God,' but now it really works for me. Here is what God is NOT for me; God isn't The Father, an omnipresent and omnipotent man with a white beard and staff up in the sky, directing events here on Earth.

I use the word God to include whatever intelligent, organizing, and guiding force there may be in the universe. I believe that God is everywhere, inside everything, and inside every person and living being. God is Love and the beneficial and unifying force of love in the universe.


Many years ago, I reached a crisis point. My daily experience of life was filled with fear, anger, and stress. I desperately needed to discover a way to be okay with whatever happened, whether or not I liked the situation. Frequently, I could not change bothersome situations, so I needed a way to be able to accept anything and everything.

I made a conscious decision to choose to be okay, no matter what. And I continue to make this choice, whenever things appear to be difficult.

In order to do this, I have to just TRUST that everything will ultimately turn out for the best. I trust that God will take care of everything. I feel like if it were not for this trust that I just could not continue to live.

For me, this is FAITH.

Bringing Faith to Today's Stresses

Particularly when times get tough, faith really gets me through. Even though I know that it is unwise to dwell on fear and negative thoughts, sometimes it difficult to stay away from them. Given the current economic and political climate, some days I obsess about it for hours. Eventually, I have to give up, or I would go insane. I just have to trust that everything will turn out. Hand it over to God.

Over the years, having faith has pulled me through numerous times. Today's social climate certainly provides me with frequent opportunities to engage my faith.

(Note: I also take action to take care of myself, if and when society as we know it ceases to exist. I've written about that stuff on numerous occasions. It makes sense to do what I can. Then I trust.)

We'll See How Everything Turns Out

It looks like we are in for a rough ride. And we'll make it through to the other side somehow.

Personally, I'm expecting to be alive and healthy to witness humanity's evolution to a higher plane of consciousness. You're welcome to join me!

Let's put that to work with the Law of Attraction!

Have Faith


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

Everything in this newsletter is the opinion of the author and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. When information is drawn from outside sources, both credit and access to the source are given, when available.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Becoming Healthier & Retracing

In recent years, I have made substantial improvements in my state of health, physically and non-physically. That's not to say that everything is perfected - most notably, I would still benefit from doing more exercise. But all things considered, I do quite well.

(After note: A friend and I are starting an exciting new exercise-related project. Read about Fun, Fit 'n' Fab!)

A few weeks ago, I had sinus symptoms, which used to be a consistent problem. Because I have been feeling well, it got me thinking. This led to my decision to write to you about Retracing.


Please be aware that I am making very broad generalizations. What I write is not necessarily applicable to you. It is up to you to evaluate the relevance of any information provided.

Everything here is for purely educational and informational purposes only. I am not diagnosing, prescribing, or treating. If you have a health condition, it is very important that you address it with an appropriately trained and licensed health care provider.

What is Retracing?

I first heard this term three years ago, when I began taking nutritional supplements from Ziquin Educational Group. (I am not going into details about Ziquin, because this is a newsletter, not a sales message. If you want more information, you are welcome to contact me. You can also go to my Ziquin site,

Terms like 'healing response,' 'detoxification,' and 'healing crisis' have been used to describe the symptoms that the body has in response to health-supporting inputs like foods, supplements, therapies, treatments, and activities. I think 'retracing' does a better job of describing what is happening than these other terms.

Side Effects

For the sake of simplicity in writing, I will use the term 'inputs' to describe substances that are consumed (foods, supplements, medications, water, air, etc.), treatments that are received (medical and non-medical, surgery, massage, acupuncture, counseling, etc.), and activities (exercise, meditation, etc.). These inputs then have an impact on the body and its state of health.

Many times, people experience unpleasant symptoms in response to inputs.

If the input has an impact of limiting or harming the body in any way, symptoms experienced could be called 'side effects'. For example, if you drink a lot of alcohol, you could become drunk and experience the associated side effects. When someone first tries cigarette smoking, the side effect of coughing cannot be ignored.

Medications are taken to perform particular functions, but there may be additional effects. For example, a pain killer may relieve pain, so the medication is performing its intended function. But perhaps you also experience nausea, which is a side effect.

How about physical inputs? You stub your toe going up the stairs; the resulting toe and foot pain is a side effect. Say you are not accustomed to vigorous exercise and you decide to go on a long day hike in the mountains. You may experience leg soreness, and perhaps your back is sore from carrying a pack. It's great to participate in physical activities, and the overall impact may well be very positive (particularly if you were to regularly exercise). Yet sometimes we over do it. So the soreness could be considered a side effect resulting from an overall beneficial activity.

Retracing vs. Side Effects

If an input has an overall positive impact, assisting the body in becoming healthier, then symptoms could be described as Retracing.

Here is a simplistic explanation that I learned through Ziquin. If you do something 'good,' then resulting symptoms may be retracing. If you do something 'bad,' then resulting symptoms may be side effects.

It may be difficult to classify a symptom as retracing or side effects. Really, it doesn't matter; the words are just labels. Ultimately, what makes a positive difference and contributes to health is providing inputs that support healing.

Take the hiking example above. Or say, you finally join a gym and start an exercise program. Chances are pretty good that you will be sore. The overall impact of the activity is positive and contributing to health. So are the symptoms side effects of exercising? Or are they a healing response or retracing? It doesn't really matter. Keep up the exercise program, and the soreness will eventually decrease.

Re-tracing & Re-experiencing Your History

As we go through life, occasionally we are injured. When that happens we experience symptoms, perhaps including pain. When the body is ready to repair that damage, we may re-experience some of the associated pain.

Here is an analogy I use. Imagine cleaning a closet. You have to pull all the stuff out, and it gets really messy. You throw some stuff away, then you organize what remains and put it back into the closet. When your body is cleaning out old garbage and repairing damage, it can get pretty messy before it gets better.

In the midst of uncomfortable or unpleasant symptoms, sometimes it can be difficult to feel like positive things are happening. Really, it is all an indication that healing is happening and the body is becoming stronger and healthier.


This is the most frequent symptom of retracing, and it may occur relatively quickly in response to positive inputs. Cleaning your the diet and/or adding quality nutritional supplements (and drinking enough water!) frequently leads to symptoms. Constipation or diarrhea, fatigue, and headaches are the most common. Flatulence or burping, skin irritations, muscle or joint pain, sinus issues, . . . the detoxification possibilities are endless.

Think of detoxification as your body cleaning house, getting rid of garbage and toxic substances. The symptoms may be unpleasant, but isn't it better to get the garbage out of there?

Personal Stories of Re-experiencing History

About six months into taking Ziquin's supplementation program, I had my first significant experience of retracing. I had been a massage practitioner with a full time practice for thirteen years, so I used my hands a lot. Because I had learned to take care of my body appropriately, it had been many years since I had felt over-use pain in my hands or wrists. I vividly remember the moment when I first felt sharp pain deep inside my left wrist. I hadn't worked at all that day, and the previous day had been uneventful. I was actually relaxing at a spa when the pain appeared, so I knew it was not caused by current activity. I was so excited! This was retracing!

Adding quality supplementation to my diet had provided nutrients, enzymes, and other factors, replenishing substances that had been deficient. When my body felt like it had sufficient supplies to be able to make repairs, one of the places it went was my wrist. I'm sure it was repairing elsewhere well before that, but I just wasn't consciously aware of the changes.

With that first deep sharp pain in my wrist, I was re-experiencing the pain associated with years of over-use damage. For three days, it was quite intense and uncomfortable, consuming my attention and causing me to move my hand. Then it disappeared for about a month, only to return with less intensity for about a day. This retracing pain continued to occur, with decreasing intensity, duration, and frequency. Sometimes it was the left wrist, others the right. Now, I feel only an occasional and momentary twinge.

Here's another example. Many years ago, Ken (my husband now) had to take a nasty medication for two years. Plus, he regularly has some chemical exposure through his occupation. Several months into taking Ziquin, he broke out in an incredibly itchy rash all over his body. It lasted a week. His body had replenished its supplies and was cleaning out the old gunk. Following that initial episode, he had several more itchy rashes appear, with both the frequency and the intensity decreasing over time. Now, all he has is an occasional couple of itchy spots.

Ken used to have a lot of headaches. Unfortunately and uncomfortably for him, this is an area where he experiences retracing. He doesn't like it, but he knows that it is retracing. Sometimes we have to re-experience our history to be able to release it and truly heal.

An Example of Retracing Compared with Side Effects

I used to have a lot of sinus problems, with draining into my throat essentially all the time, and active sinus infections occurring frequently, sometimes appearing as 'colds'. Stress, insufficient sleep, and insufficient intake of nutrients and quality food was a recipe for long standing less-than-optimal health. Then my life situation changed, and stress decreased, sleep increased, food intake improved, and Ziquin supplementation began. So my active sinus problems ceased.

When circumstances occur that bring back the stress, sleep, and poor diet factors, what happens? The combined sinus infection and cold returns. This has occurred enough times for me to realize that it's not coincidence. The stress combination is a set of negative 'inputs', which then produces side effects in the form of re-experiencing old symptoms.

What triggered my choosing Retracing as the focus for this newsletter is that I recently experienced low-level sinus congestion and drainage, without the prior stress inputs. I realized that these sinus symptoms were different. This was retracing, not side effects. My overall life inputs were positive, producing an opportunity for my body to re-experience old symptoms as part of the healing process.

In Conclusion on Retracing

When I began writing this newsletter, I was struggling with how to convey the concept of retracing. This lack of clarity led to a two-week writing delay. So, I hope that reading this provided clarity rather than confusion for you!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

To Your Health and Healing! Retracing is a Sign that You are Becoming Better and Better!

What's New in the Stuff Department?? LOTS!

Years ago, I realized that I am always finding new things, new techniques, etc. and getting excited about how they can help people (including myself) become healthier. Then I share the new stuff with others. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable about asking people if they want to hear about this or that, even if I am doing it because I am interested in their health and welfare.

Well, I have accepted that this is one of my GIFTS. Over the years, I have accumulated a FABULOUS variety of wonderful and effective modalities and stuff, all in support of health.

This is just what I do. Stopping would be . . . well, impossible. This is an example of doing what comes naturally and loving it.

So, I offer information. Really, it would be a crime for me to withhold it from you. And I thank you for allowing me to share with you.

If you are interested in more information, great, let me know. If you are not interested that's peachy keen too.

(Note: None of this new stuff is on my website The website has not been updated in quite a long time.)

Fabulous New Equipment

Recently, I purchased some health-supporting devices which I have been 'wanting' for years. In fact, I almost purchased an inexpensive chi machine copy. I am so glad that I waited! What made the difference? I learned what these devices do and why they work. After that, I wasn't willing to wait any longer. So now, I have a Sun Ancon Chi Machine and an Infrared Hothouse. And more.

They are making a positive difference, and Ken and I each use them daily. Unlike the many other things which I have begun but not continued with over time, I actually use these practically every day. I don't resist taking the time, as I have with other things. In fact, I enjoy it! Of course, it certainly helps that 1) the process of doing them is relaxing, and 2) they are proving to be effective.

Here's a personal testimony from a couple of weeks ago. I spent a whole day lifting somewhat heavy objects and very carefully measuring out and weighing a powdered substance into bags. By the end of the day, my back was so stiff that I could barely move. I did the Chi Machine and Hothouse for half an hour, and it felt somewhat better. Then I sat in the Hothouse for an additional 45 minutes. And the stiffness was gone! I was amazed. The next morning, my back felt completely normal, whereas in the past, I would have been stiff and possibly sore after that physical over-use. (Side effect!)

If you want to watch the video that showed me what these devices do, go to

If you are interested in more information about obtaining any of this equipment, please contact me.

As always, you are so very much appreciated. Thank you for being there.

To Your Health and Healing!


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

Everything in this newsletter is the opinion of the author and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. When information is drawn from outside sources, both credit and access to the source are given, when available.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brain Fitness & Neurological Patterning

Recently I watched a very interesting program on PBS (public television) about brain plasticity. For most of my life, the conventional teaching has been that once the brain's neurons became damaged, loss of function inevitably followed, because brain neurons could not be regenerated. In recent years, I have started to hear otherwise, but never really had anything to back it up. Had I been interested enough to seek documentation and evidence, I might well have found it. But with everything else to do, . . .

The program that I saw on PBS, The Brain Fitness Program discusses brain plasticity, the ability of the brain to continually develop new nerve connections. Neuro scientists share current research into how the brain functions. (For more information about the program, search online. Also, it may still have showings on PBS.)

Computer-generated illustrations of neurotransmitters in the brain biochemically explained for me how the Law of Attraction works, and how habits and patterns are formed. (The show didn't use these terms. Those are the things that the show triggered in my memory.)

Basically, anything that you do over and over again strengthens that particular nerve pathway in the brain, making it increasingly easy for you to repeat that activity. Whatever that activity may be - thought, belief, emotion, action, speaking, etc. - it is strengthened as a pattern in your brain.

Strengthening Pathways in Positive Ways

In some cases, it is positive to strengthen a pathway. For example, as a baby learns and grows, their nerve pathways expand at exponential rates. Activities that are repeated ultimately result in the baby being able to walk, talk, learn to use the toilet, and eventually read. Each of these abilities is the culmination of thousands of pathways that have been strengthened to the point of becoming patterns that can be executed without requiring conscious thought. If you think about it, this is an astounding and miraculous accomplishment.

All skill development requires repetition. Repetition strengthens the nerve pathways.

Negative Thoughts and Emotions Strengthen Negative Pathways

However, strengthening of nerve pathways through repetition works both ways. As a bodywork practitioner, I frequently have clients who say lots of terrible things about their bodies and their health. I call their attention to this, and encourage them to 1) recognize what they are saying and 2) gradually reprogram their thoughts. How you feel and what you say powerfully shape your health.

When you have negative emotions and thoughts, do you tend to repeat them cyclically? Do fears and negative thoughts about your health ever run continuously? Think about the negative nerve pathways that are being strengthened! No wonder so many people experience continually declining health!

You can do something about this!!

Looking at the Ground While Walking Strengthens a NEGATIVE Pattern

One particularly notable example from the Brain Fitness program is the habit that some people develop of looking at the ground in front of them as they walk. The program mentioned that this frequently happens with older people. It may begin after they have fallen. Because they are concerned about falling again, they look at the ground so as to be more attentive to where they are stepping, so they can avoid hazards. This seems to be a sensible precaution. However, it has two drawbacks.

Whatever your age, when you look downward while walking forward, you will not see people or other objects moving TOWARD you until they have gotten very close. Therefore you have insufficient time to change directions so as to avoid a collision. A person walking rapidly and bumping into an elderly person who is already unstable can cause them to stumble and even fall. Important as this is, I found the second drawback to be even more significant.

What Neurological Pattern is Strengthened When You Look Down as You Walk??

Looking down is associated with an expectation of falling. You are only looking down because of the risk and fear of falling. Though you are moving forward, your attention and energy are directed towards the ground. Take even a slight mis-step, and your head follows your eyes and your attention, and down to the ground you go.

Every time you look down as you walk, you are strengthening the neurological pathway for falling!

Memory Loss in the Elderly

Much of the focus of the Brain Fitness program is on helping people retain and even improve their levels of brain functioning. Exercises can keep the brain learning and developing new neural pathways throughout life. This can prevent or slow loss of memory and other functions as people age. In fact, researchers have found that people can even regain function that has already been lost, both in the case of age-related conditions like dementia and Alzheimers, and in the case of injury to the brain from stroke or other trauma.

If you want more information about The Brain Fitness Program, do a search online. A DVD of the program and an actual program of brain fitness exercises are available.

A Lifetime of Learning

Personally, I am addicted to learning. I'm always finding new things to learn, new skills to gain. I don't do the specific exercises from the Brain Fitness Program, but I am always using my brain in new ways. New and interesting things keep coming my way.

As a child, I loved puzzles and games. Numbers, words, shapes, mazes, jigsaw, cards, I did them all. And I read stacks and stacks of books. Long ago I came to appreciate the skills that I developed during those years. My ease at shape recognition and finding patterns has been helpful in countless situations. An example that comes to mind is reading upside down and backwards. (I can even read upside down and backwards reflected in a mirror, but there really aren't many circumstances when that is necessary.) I think this is a problem of shape, pattern, and word recognition, sequencing, and probably more. This skill is most applicable when a person is filling out a form for me, at the bank, for instance. I give them the information that they need without their asking for it, because I can read the form. And when I was helping my son with learning to read or doing math homework, I could provide assistance from across the table.

Keep on Learning!!

Use it or you lose it. It's familiar and it's applicable. Fortunately, according to the Brain Fitness scientists, you can even regain some of the neurological ground that may have been lost over time or through injury.

Remember, Continue Using Your Brain in New Ways!


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

Everything in this newsletter is the opinion of the author and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. When information is drawn from outside sources, both credit and access to the source are given, when available.

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