Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stuck in the Past vs. Living Now!

Have you ever felt upset about some event and been unable to stop thinking about it? Is there anyone who has NOT experienced this?? With all of the crises escalating in the world, increasing numbers of people are spending more time than ever before stuck in obsessive mind loops.

When you cycle repeatedly through thoughts and fears, you continually keep your mind and your emotions on the PAST. What went wrong, what could happen, what you did or didn't do, what he said or she said, what you should do or say next, . . . there is no end in sight. What a miserable place to be!

From that place, can you ever progress to feeling better? Can you take positive action? Actually, all you will attract into your life while stuck in negativity is more of the same. I challenge you to recall a time when you were successful in making significant progress while remaining stuck in obsessively negative thoughts.

Nobody wants to stay there. But sometimes, exiting this vicious cycle may be easier said than done. Most of us are familiar with The Secret, the Law of Attraction, affirmations, and positive thinking. Which are all ultimately about pulling your attention out of the negativity of the past and focusing on the positive experiences that you want to have. Has having this 'enlightened' knowledge made a difference in your life? Or do you continue to rehash the same old negative garbage from the past? Lots of people give themselves a hard time because they know all this stuff, yet remain stuck.

This single blog entry is insufficient for comprehensively discussing the topic of accomplishing the miracle of releasing the past. What I can do is give you a couple of simple and concrete things that you can do when you are stuck.

Simple & Concrete Things To Do

Become Aware

This is the very most important thing that you can do. All of the other steps described are dependent on your success in accomplishing this.

Until you are consciously aware of the nature of your thoughts and feelings, you will be absolutely unable to redirect them in positive directions. Only when you know that you are stuck in a morass of misery are you able to do anything to pull yourself out of it.

Intend to Change

Once you are aware that you are stuck, the next step is 1) to realize that it is possible to shift to a different perspective, 2) to want to shift, and 3) to intend to shift. This is actually several steps, which it could take you quite a lot of practice to get through. Keep at it.

Power & Freedom of Choice

More times than I could guess, I have been aware that I'm rehashing an old situation, and I even consciously think that I could just choose to stop being upset. But in that moment, I don't want to give it up. Part of me is invested in being pissed off, in being right, and in having what I want. I am consciously choosing to remain upset. Then when I'm tired of it, I choose to let it go and return to feeling good.

There is a huge difference between having awareness and consciously choosing to be upset, and reacting automatically and without awareness. Before I learned about this, I used to get really angry and frustrated, and I'd stay upset for weeks. Now, the relatively infrequent upsets I have are brief and mild. Because I am much more consciously aware of how I feel, and I always give myself the freedom to choose how to feel. I am ever so much happier.

The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle's best selling book by that title discusses the value of keeping your attention on the present moment. It is really only from within the present moment that we can live truly consciously and intentionally.

It is impossible to have your attention on the present moment 100% of the time. Other thoughts will come. However, you can repeatedly bring your mind back to the present moment, so that over time, you are living in the present for a larger portion of the day.

Here are some simple ways to bring yourself into the Now. (I recommend Tolle's book, which covers far more than what I describe below.)

Awareness of Your Physical Body

The simplest and most basic way to bring yourself into the present is to focus your conscious attention on your physical body and its sensations. You can be ONLY in the present moment while you are focusing on these sensations. You cannot think about the past or the future, and you cannot remain angry, worried, or upset.

Here are a few of the countless methods for doing this. I encourage you to experiment and bring yourself into the present. Right Now.

1. Grasp one of your hands with the other. Put all of your attention into feeling the texture of your skin, its temperature.
2. Touch your face, your hair, your leg, etc. Put all of your attention into the experience, feeling every aspect of it.
3. Feel the weight of your body in the chair. Focus your attention on the meeting of your body and the chair's surface.
4. Take a deep breath. Feel the movement of air into your nostrils. Feel the air filling your lungs.
5. Feel the pulsation of your blood. Put your attention into feeling the pulse at your wrist. You may also be able to feel the movement of blood throughout your body, just by focusing your awareness on it.

Awareness of Objects & Other Beings

Bring yourself present while interacting with objects outside of your body.

1. Hold a pen (or any object) and put all of your attention into feeling its texture, shape, density.
2. Place your hand into running water. Feel the water and its movement.
3. Look at an object. Your hand, a book, anything. Bring yourself fully into the seeing, noticing everything. Texture, color, shape, size.
4. With all of your attention, feel the warm or coolness of the air around you.
5. Be fully in the hearing of a sound.

Here is a really amazing experience for you.
6. Hug another person or a pet. With your full attention, thoroughly experience the sensations and the emotions of this experience.

Have fun exploring the infinite ways of bringing yourself into the present moment.

How was That?

How did you feel when experimenting with these techniques? Had you been distracted or bothered before starting? Do you feel better now? Is your mind more clear? Are you more focused?

Doing this, what I am most aware of is Aliveness. I feel alive, aware, awake. I feel love, gratitude, happiness, peace, calm, . . .

Beyond Being in the Present

Are you ready for another step? Combine bringing yourself into the present with actively releasing stuck emotions and energy.

Breathe It Out

Are you able to identify the emotions that you are feeling? Do you know what is bothering you?
Now, are you ready to let it go?

Imagine that the emotion, the upset, the negative energy of the situation is stuck inside your body. Take a nice deep breath. As you breathe out, release the emotion and the negativity with the air. Maybe you can imagine, see, or feel that the energy being released is dark, heavy, sticky, . . . Breathe in nice clean, clear, light air. Breathe out heaviness and stuckness.

Wash It Away

This is similar to breathing it out. Wash your hands or take a shower. Release the stuckness and let it go down the drain.

Infinite Possibilities

There are widely varied techniques for healing, clearing, and/or reprogramming the past. I encourage you to explore and discover some that attract you. Skills you develop through practicing the basic techniques above will serve you well with whatever healing methodologies you choose. (Some of the healing methods that I use personally and have discussed in blogs include The Emotion Code and The Healing Codes. Feel free to contact me, if you have questions. sandra@MiracleInspirations.com)

Practice, Practice, Practice

Give yourself plenty of time to practice. Incorporating healing practices into your life takes commitment to yourself. Eventually, you will notice negative thoughts and feelings as they appear. They will come up less frequently, and you will release them quickly and easily.

Breathe! Live Now!


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

Everything in this newsletter is the opinion of the author and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. When information is drawn from outside sources, both credit and access to the source are given, when available.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Manifesting Immediately

If you are reading this newsletter, you have probably heard versions of the following statements countless times. "Everything is energy." "It's all about frequency." "You create your reality." "What you think and feel, you attract more of into your reality." With the popularity of the movie The Secret and the teachings of The Law of Attraction, these concepts have become mainstream. Quantum physics has conclusively shown that everything really is energy, everything is frequency.

This month, I share about the doubts I had about my ability to manifest immediately. And I tell about the great results I've had, once I got past the doubt. When doing healing work, I've had rapid changes in physical and non-physical symptoms.

Making This Real in Life

Have these teachings significantly impacted your life? To measure this, pick an earlier time to compare with, say ten to twenty years.
Do you intentionally create your life? How successful are you in consciously working with energy, frequency, and the Law of Attraction?

1. Have your mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences of life improved?
2. If you feel upset about something, how easily and quickly are you able to return to peace and balance?
3. Have your physical circumstances improved?
4. Have your relationships improved?
5. Have 'problematic' areas of your life improved?
6. Has your physical health improved?
7. Have you experienced instantaneous emotional changes in response to healing techniques?
8. Have you experienced instantaneous physical changes in response to healing techniques?
9. Have you intentionally manifested circumstances in your life?
10. Have you intentionally manifested changes in your financial life? How about desirable career changes?
11. Are you consciously producing positive shifts in the world around you?

How This Works in Sandra's Life

Personally, I experience varying degrees of success in manifesting.

My Emotional World. I am consistently more happy, peaceful, and positive than ever before. I still become upset, but significantly less frequently. The intensity of my upsets is dramatically decreased, and in most cases, I return to positive perspectives quickly. For several years, I have used The Healing Codes to work with my emotional state, with fabulous results (including physical shifts). And I have recently begun doing The Emotion Code. I feel extremely fortunate to have these effective methods for helping myself (and others).

(January, 2010 update. I have now been using The Body Code, a comprehensive energetic healing system which includes The Emotion Code as one very important part among many. I post separately about The Body Code in a January blog post.)

Fifteen years ago, I frequently remained upset for two weeks! Yuck. Compare this with my biggest upset in recent times. A couple of weeks ago, I was annoyed with my husband overnight, and that upset felt insufferably long. The following morning, I did The Emotion Code and instantly returned to being happy with him. I'll share more about this below in The Emotion Code.

My Life Circumstances and My Relationships. My life circumstances have completely changed, and I am extraordinarily happy. I married a Canadian and moved to British Columbia. Here is the story I tell when people ask how I met Ken. After the presidential re-election several years ago, I said to myself, "Now would be a good time to move to Canada." I had never considered this before. In two weeks, I met Ken, and shortly thereafter, we were discussing my eventual immigration. I definitely manifested that one.

My Physical Health. My health is certainly better. This is contributed to by my diet and nutritional supplements, and by my improved state of mind. My level of stress has decreased significantly, which definitely helps.

I benefit physically both from the healing methods that I have received as a client, and from self-applied energetic techniques, including The Healing Codes and The Emotion Code (discussed further below).

Instantaneous Change & Doubt

Several weeks ago, I was stuck. Two things were staring me in the face, making me look at the doubts I have about my ability to manifest instantaneous physical changes.

I was about to attend the Emotion Code workshop. On teleconferences, I had listened to Dr. Bradley Nelson use the technique on people's issues, frequently with instantaneous physical results - reductions in pain and increases in flexibility and function. Even though much of the work that I have done for years is energetic and based on the principles of shifting frequencies to produce change, I still had doubts about my ability to noticeably impact symptoms.

The VibesUp energizing coasters were also triggering this doubt. According to Kaitlyn, creator of VibesUp, (the fabulous energized crystal products that I now wear and place all around me), the coasters have been tested using a frequency machine and shown to return genetically modified foods (GMO's) to the frequencies of natural and unmodified foods. Could changing the food's energy with the coaster actually change its DNA??

Really, I was doubting that modifying the frequency of something, anything, could actually result in physically visible, feel-able, and measurable changes. Here I was, doubting the basis of most of my work! Perhaps I could believe that other people could produce significant and instantaneous changes, because I had seen it happening with several people, including Dr. Nelson. However, I was definitely doubting that I could do so. Particularly with The Healing Codes, I had experienced changes occurring gradually over time, but I wanted immediate results. (Don't you?!)

I wanted to get this fear handled prior to attending the Emotion Code workshop, so I did Healing Codes to address the emotional blocks to my producing instantaneous results. And I focused a biofeedback session on, "I believe that changes in frequency manifest immediately."

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a simple and easy method of identifying 'blocked emotions' using muscle testing. The blocked emotions can then be easily cleared. The technique can be used by an individual for themselves or for other people or animals.

This is not therapy, and it does not require that the recipient slog through stuff from the past.

If you are interested in information about The Emotion Code, go here.

(January, 2010 update. I have now been using The Body Code, a comprehensive energetic healing system which includes The Emotion Code as one very important part among many. I post separately about The Body Code in a January blog post.)

Instantaneous Results

It works! Since the workshop, I have had several experiences where releasing blocked emotions produced immediately noticeable changes. Just so you know, the majority of people are not aware of any shifts whatsoever, which is okay. Changes may still be occurring below the level of conscious awareness. Many people experience an immediate sense of lightness and peacefulness. Several later reported that they feel better, that things bother them less, and that their relationships are going more smoothly. Following are a couple of the more significant - and physical - results.

The day after the workshop, I personally experienced how intense negative feelings produce physical discomfort, and how releasing the blockages relieves the discomfort. I became annoyed with my husband Ken (as mentioned earlier). I knew I was being silly and that we'd both be happier if I talked with him, but I was unwilling to do it. The next morning, I was still annoyed, and the intense emotions had actually produced physical pain in my neck and back. (I have had periodic discomforts in these areas for years. Gee, I wonder why? Upsets and blocked emotions? I knew that consciously before, but now I had confirming evidence.) I did The Emotion Code, releasing several blocked emotions from my 'heart wall' (a protective 'wall' that I had built using blocked emotions). As each emotion cleared, I felt noticeably less upset. Immediately after I cleared the last of the heart wall emotions, I felt close to Ken, and I shared all of the emotional stuff that I had experienced. The difference was enormous and immediate. And when I stood up, the neck and back pain were completely gone.

Ken was having detoxification symptoms, including itchiness, his knee had started hurting, and he felt the lower back pain that he frequently experiences. As we released several blocked emotions, the itchiness moved around, decreased in intensity, then went away. His knee stopped hurting, and his back discomfort decreased.

The first person for whom I did The Emotion Code was a family member who experienced back pain most days. I did The Emotion Code and it felt a little better. I called him a week later and he said that it had gotten better, and that he only has occasional twinges now.

(January, 2010 update. I have now been having even more immediate and significant emotional and physical results using The Body Code, a comprehensive healing system which includes The Emotion Code. I post separately about The Body Code in a January blog post.)

Deeper Belief in Frequencies & Manifestation

I now believe more deeply, based on personal experience, that frequencies and energies can physically manifest immediately. Negative thoughts and emotions ultimately produce pain and dysfunction. Releasing those negative frequencies can produce real and measureable changes, sometimes immediately.

It is necessary to be clear that noone can ever promise that your desired results will occur. Nothing is ever for certain. I believe that it is ultimately worthwhile healing yourself, whatever the results may be.

If healing efforts are not producing the results you desire, then keep at it. Each individual accumulates blockages throughout their life. It may take persistent healing over time to clear enough of the blocks to make a noticeable difference, particularly with physically manifested symptoms. I have been actively healing myself for over 20 years. (Wow, I just calculated that.) With The Healing Codes for several years, and now The Emotion Code (and The Body Code) I feel like I'm more frequently getting significant results.

Believe! You CAN Get Results.

I realized several years ago that a big factor getting in my way was the lack of belief that I could produce healing. Once I resolved that inconsistency, I started having better results. If you are not getting the results that you want, try addressing your level of belief.

As always, you are so very much appreciated. Thank you for being there.


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

Everything in this newsletter is the opinion of the author and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. When information is drawn from outside sources, both credit and access to the source are given, when available.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the Flow & Out of the Flow

Once inspiration strikes and I select a newsletter topic, it floats around in my consciousness for a while, and the ways in which the dynamic plays out in my life are revealed. This month, I had amazing experiences of being in the flow, with everything feeling right on target and sublimely perfect. And, I had times when the flow felt almost completely blocked.

I share my experiences with both ends of this spectrum, and some ideas for approaches to take when you feel stuck outside of the flow.

All is Right in the World & Feeling Fantastic

Imagine yourself being in just the right place at just the right time, taking precisely the action that is appropriate at the moment. Can you recall such an experience from your life? How did you feel? Was it uplifting? Did you feel like you were contributing to perfection?

I am an avid contra dancer. Here is a brief description of contra dancing, followed by my discussion of flow. In this type of social dancing, each dancer has a partner, with couples arranged in long lines of couples. A Caller teaches the group the sequence of moves for a dance, then everyone repeats the sequence accompanied by lively music, moving up and down the line, dancing with everyone.

Contra dancing can be astonishingly fun. Imagine hours of interactions with smiling people, many of whom are your friends. And it's an incredible aerobic workout to boot. A few weeks ago, I attended a contra dance weekend, where I danced hour after hour, with repeated experiences of being in the flow. It was glorious. The weekend was like having a continuous peak experience.

What provides the experience of flow in contra dancing? Being in the right place at just the right point in the music, with the person I'm dancing the next movement with arriving precisely as I do. The music and the dance sequence match up just so. Throughout the whole dance, couple after couple, everyone is right there, energized, and it's all FUN.

Day-to-Day Experiences of Flow

I desire to increase the ease of flow in the world, so I pick ways to do things that feel efficient. Am I smoothing the way of events in the world? Am I making life easier or more pleasant for myself or for someone else?

When doing errands, I choose a route that provides a natural flow between stops. When crossing busy streets, I walk quickly, shortening the wait for drivers waiting to turn. When returning library books, I stack them so checking them in requires fewer motions for the librarian. In grocery stores, I reposition misplaced items and line them up. Then everything looks organized and inviting, and finding things is easier for other people.

Co-incidence or Connection

Have you ever called a friend and had them say, "I was just thinking about you." Or you think about about an acquaintance, and the next day you run into them in the grocery store. I don't consider co-incidences accidents. Unplanned meetings, physical or not, result from the natural movements within our interpersonal connections.

One of my clients doesn't schedule appointments in advance. She calls to schedule when she feels that it is time to see me. She usually comes to my mind shortly before the time that she calls. Evidently, we are connected.

Occasionally, I think about someone with whom I haven't had contact in a long while, and I call them. Far more frequently than could occur randomly, they tell me that they have been in an accident, or experienced some significant life circumstance. And there is a way in which I can be of assistance, with bodywork, coaching, biofeedback, a healing tool, or something else, . . . Sometimes my love and listening are all that they really need from me. We are connected, and the flow of life brought us together.

Flow on Paper

I design brochures for VibesUp, a company that makes energized crystal products. Flow is a critical element in marketing material design. Is attention drawn in desired ways? Is the page visually appealing? Is it overly crowded? Does content flow naturally? Is the overall impression one of chaos or of competence? And does the piece suit its intended purpose?

VibesUp - Crystals

Recently I discovered these amazingly effective energy enhancing crystal products. VibesUp owner Kaitlyn and I became fast friends, and ideas flow furiously between us. I wake up in the morning thinking about her products or brochures, and soon discover that she was thinking about the same things. We definitely flow together, though we have yet to meet in person. These products entered my life at a time when I really needed them. Having them on and around me all day, every day definitely helps me feel and function better.

(VibesUp crystals are worn {bracelet, necklace, pocket, shoes} or placed around your space {house, office, car, fridge, on pets, . . .} Their proprietary liquid crystal and essential oil coating gives them amazingly effective energy enhancing abilities. For information about VibesUp, go to their website. I encourage you to listen to the teleseminar recording, explaining how they work. The specials on the site have been extended to you.
If you decide to order from VibesUp, please let them know I sent you. My affiliate number is 131.)

Flow is Glaring in it's Absence

My house is an obvious area where flow is deficient. I am a 'piles' person. I put things away and clear clutter, but it reappears. Clutter is distracting and it decreases my efficiency. But there it is. I clean up as needed, to increase the flow within my environment. At the same time, I am reasonably well organized. I know where to find everything. Within the clutter, there is sufficient flow for things to be usable.

Resistance to Writing

Every month, I resist sitting down to write this newsletter. Even though the content is already planned, I find endless distractions.
(This actually represents a tremendous improvement. This month's newsletter took me significantly less than a day to write, and I did not despise the process. To read how I healed the worst of this resistance, go to my website and scroll down the page to 'My Experience of Spiritual Alignment Consulting'.)

Unfortunately, when I resist writing, frequently I simultaneously resist doing a lot of other things. Flow was this month's topic, so I observed the flow-blocking impact of my resistance. I felt horribly stuck. One thing that I knew would be valuable was working through my resistance using The Healing Codes. This morning, I finally did it, . . . and here I am finishing off my writing. It's amazing what happens when I get out of the way, and heal myself using my own techniques! (Read in this blog posting about my life-altering experience with the Codes.)

What to DO When Your Flow Feels Stuck

This is a short and simple list, but the options are endless.

1. Identify what you are resisting. Is it taking action? A feeling? A person? A situation?
2. Identify how you feel about it. Is it fear? Anger? Guilt? Worry? Confused? Stupid? Like you don't know how? Like you're not good enough? Like it's impossible?
3. Use a self-healing modality to address blocked feelings or emotions that you identify. Personally, I use The Healing Codes and Ho'oponopono most consistently, and now The Emotion Code. (I discussed Ho'oponopono in my December newsletter.) Another popular method is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
4. Does the task seem impossible? Try breaking it into small pieces, then complete one bit at a time. Recycling even a few loose pieces of paper makes a noticeable difference on my desk.
5. JUST DO IT. You may not feel like it, but start anyway. If you take one step then stop, at least you've moved. I could never have finished this newsletter, had I never opened the blog program and started the document. After that, continuing was ridiculously easy.
6. GET HELP. Friends, spouses, and family members can be engaged to support your forward movement. It's amazing what a difference it makes getting someone else involved. Having a friend help me today made a enormous difference.
7. Hire help. Would it be reasonable to pay someone else to do it? Like hiring a house cleaner or an accountant.
8. Hire professional help. When you're stuck, going to someone who can help you work through your resistance and blocks can be extremely supportive. A wide variety of therapists, counselors, coaches, and consultants are available. I am available for appointments (Spiritual Alignment Consulting, Healing Codes, bodywork, energy work) in person, and by phone. I can help you get going with any or all of the above steps. Please contact me, if you are interested. sandra@MiracleInspirations.com

Go With the Flow!

My Flow to Olympia, Washington

During each of my recent extended working visits to Olympia, I have experienced significant blocks in the flow. Each time, I asked myself if I am to continue these trips, and the answer remained clearly 'Yes!' Perhaps these blocks were just nudging me to return to working in my old building on State Avenue. Because that is where I will be!

Go With the Flow!


Sandra Lynn Lee
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Miracle Inspirations

Everything in this newsletter is the opinion of the author and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. When information is drawn from outside sources, both credit and access to the source are given, when available.

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