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How Can I Contribute? - HD

We all want to make a difference in the world. Today's thoughts on this are an addendum to the Hope & Love for Humanity post.

Each energy in your Human Design chart carries with it possibilities for gifts to you and to others, depending on how you express them. There are no aspects of the design of humanity that are purely negative in nature. Human beings are inherently loving and good.

Each day, you live out these energetic qualities, mixing them all together in your experience in infinite potential ways. Therefore you have endless opportunities for offering your gifts to the people and to the world around you. 

Gregg Braden offers a wonderful question that I find empowering. It helps establish a mindset for making a difference.

Speaking of Gregg Braden, he's got a fabulous new book Deep Truth. In it, he discusses ways in which our understanding of humanity's history has been incomplete. Recent scientific discoveries indicate that war is NOT an inherent element of human civilization. Entire civilizations existed with no weapons, no dividing walls to keep people out, and no mass burials. All prior to what scientists used to believe were the earliest civilizations. Over the years, I have read or listened to many of Gregg Braden's books, and I recommend them.

What Can I Give to the World That is Emerging?

Today this is the 'catchy phrase' for making a difference in your life.

We tend to think that making a contribution means doing 'big' things, that small actions don't matter. On the contrary, every action contributes in some way to the entirety of existence. The impact of your contribution will be positive, negative, or neutral.

If you were to gather together all of your actions over the course of a day, from your waking moment to your sleeping moment, would the cumulative impact be positive?

A smile to the person walking by on the sidewalk is a gift. Picking up garbage on the street. Helping a person who is struggling with moving an unwieldy object. Making a meal for a family who is dealing with a major health challenge. Each action makes a difference.

Voting in elections contributes to the operation of your society. Serving in government yourself can be a gift, if that is right for you. (It absolutely would not be for me.)

There are countless ways to contribute to efforts to conserve our planet's resources and remaining wild ecosystems. Reducing your fossil fuel usage, and reducing the amount of packaging material that you cause to go to landfills are actions of conservation that you can take today.

Feeding hungry families, doing volunteer work, and planting flowers are actions of contribution. Educating people about health and about food is a contribution. As is making healthy food choices for yourself, and for your family. And so on.

So, what can you give to the world that is emerging?

I would love your feedback on the 'catchy phrase' idea, and the video as a means of conveying it to you. Do you actually bring the phrases to mind at times when you can benefit from them? Or is this experiment of mine just annoying.

If you find the catchy phrases useful, I invite you to share your experience of them.

As always, you are so very much appreciated. Thank you for being there.

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What Can I Give to the World That is Emerging?



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