Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Be Mindful

It is almost the end of December, and I have yet to begin this month's newsletter. I considered skipping it, but since my track record in 2007 has been phenomenal, I write. This marks the major accomplishment of a whole year of truly monthly newsletters. (There were only two newsletters in 2006, because I hated writing. Now I actually enjoy it.)

Be Mindful During This "Stuff" Time of Year

The Story of Stuff is a terrific video about where "stuff" comes from and what happens to it. I learned a lot. Annie Leonard did a fabulous job of researching and presenting the issues to provide a broad spectrum perspective.

Here is a tidbit. Leonard's research shows that ninety nine percent of the things we purchase are trashed in 6 months.
That seems shockingly criminal to me. Since essentially everything that I purchase (aside from consumable goods) I keep for a long time, this means that many people dump their possessions very quickly. What a waste.

The true costs of our objects are not reflected in the prices that we pay. Our habit of rampant consumption takes a huge toll on the health of our planet, its supplies of resources, and the well being of its people.


Keep this in mind when it comes to how you use, then dispose of you possessions. Be mindful all year around, every year, of the long term, planet-wide impacts of your purchases and gifts.

The True Gift of the Holidays is Being With People You Love,
and Appreciating the Miracles of Life!

King Corn

This month's Food, Glorious Food blog features corn. Learn some truths about a disturbingly common but not-so-glorious ingredient in our foods. For a long time, I've avoided high fructose corn syrup. Now I really do.

Click here to go to Food, Glorious Food.


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